All Hail the Glow Cloud

If you’ve never listened to the podcast “Welcome to Night Vale” then you must dash over to Commonplace Books for details on how to listen to them.  Like right now!  It’s free so there’s absolutely no excuse.

WTNVEach design is available for men and women.  And the library tee is also available for teens.

Download them HERE

Zombies Are Love

These are kind of new.  I think I did them a while ago and somehow didn’t post them.  I think we can all agree that we need more zombies, right? No? Just me?

zombies are love

Download them HERE

(as always, base game compatible)

I Am Not Dead

Hello, hello! It has been AGES since my last update.  No goodies for you today though 😦  I’ve been trying to update my poor neglected legacy. In other news, I’m in Nursing School.  So, therefore, I have no life.  Which also means I have no time for my simming.  But only one more year to go!!  Here’s a brief snapchat summary of what I’ve been up to (sorry to those that read the legacy as I posted this over there too).


 Nursing school has pretty much eaten my soul… and my social life.  Also, SnapChat is awesome.

rest areaDeep fear of public restrooms.  This was a major breakthrough.

explosive puppy poopSpent all day cleaning up human poop only to come home and clean up puppy poop. There was so much *shudder*

mad cheddar at casinoThis looks like play, but I assure you there was nursey stuff going on the next day.  Also, there was absolutely no excuse for crazy eyes ‘cause I only won $23.  lol

have a nice dayExams can suck it hard.

WTH was I thinkingDaily sentiment.  But I’m loving it!

And that has been your crazy time with Amanda.  Maybe I’ll whip up some mediocre t-shirts for y’all while I’m on my break.

Manly Man Modeling Cycle 3

Sign-ups for Cycle 3 of Simtech’s Manly Man Modeling comp are now open! So, on behalf of myself and my co-judges, InaMac and ArtsyAmy, I’d like to invite you to join us at Simtech for the next round of yumminess.

Simtech’s Advent, Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve!  And on this very special advent day I bring to you gifts for the whole family!

Two new additions to the Tristis Male Maternity Wear line.  Tobias is not so sure how this birthing thing works lol  Brandon says to Cowboy up!Alien Baby Tristis copy

Download Alien Male Maternity Crews Here!

And, as promised, new maternity tees for women.  7 new designs for your preggo sim.  Perfect for your legacy heirs!women maternity tees copy

Download Female Maternity Shirts Here!

And what would Christmas be without a little Doctor Who? 4 new designs for that Whovian superfan. (don’t quote me on this but I think these also have the maternity mesh with them)

Whovian Tees copy

Download Whovian Shirts Here!

How cute is that dino tee?!  I wish I had one IRL.  6 new designs for your toddlers.Toddler Tees

Download Toddler Shirts Here

Simtech’s Advent, Day 21

And on this 21st day of the Advent, I give to you the Unger Brothers

Landon is CC free. His hair is from Supernatural EP. However, I do use Aikea Guinea default replacement eyes which are not included in the sim pack.
Both sims were made using custom sliders. You do not need to install the sliders for the sim to work, but features will snap back to EA default if you try to change anything on the sim.

Brandon has the following CC:
Beard is EA basegame

FFSB Klavix Skintone Non-default

Djinn Hair by Lapiz

Brandon: Brave, Brooding, Handy, Commitment Issues, Eccentric. Soul, Chile con Carne, Spice Brown

Landon: Great Kisser, Disciplined, Clumsy, Bookworm, Hopeless Romantic. French, Egg Rolls, Irish Green.

They’re twins, so they are both Taurus’.

Download Brandon

Download Landon

Manly Man Modeling: The Finale

Sad to say that this comp has finally come to an end.  I expanded my Photoshop knowledge and got to meet some pretty awesome simmers.

Assignment 10 was a portfolio free for all.  We had to come up with 5 new pics and put them with our other pics of our choice.  If you care to look at the finished product you can view it here.

The final 5 pics:





In 3rd Place:   Ninisims with Kaiden Thorne

In 2nd Place: Fantasicsims with David Palmer

Which leads us to Tobias and I in 1st Place!

 It’s so exciting!!  I never dreamed I’d get this far in my first comp.  It was a blast, and although I’m a little sad to see it end, I will be back for Cycle 3.  But this time I’m judging.  Should be interesting!



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